Kaeko (26) Japan
2 years, full-time

What I really liked about the course is having lesson with small number of students. Therefore I could have a lot of opportunities to speak. I absolutely enjoyed the time at Cotswold International Language School!! That’s why I came back after the first year. Your style of teaching English is excellent. I don’t think I can find anywhere like here. Thank you so much everything!!

Dorothee (19) German
12 weeks full-time

I came to England to improve my English and I had just 3 and half months. Therefore, I had classes daily and I improved my English knowledge within a short time. The school is perfect because the class was always small. What I really liked was that you practice to talk.

Cristiani (26) Brazil
1 year, part-time

I really enjoyed the time when my husband and I spent in Cirencester, which is an adorable town and people very welcoming and warming. Studying in the Cotswold International Language School helped me improve a lot my English skills like speaking, listening, writing and reading and now I’m much more confident to use it in my job in Brazil. I really enjoyed the course and because it is informal, it is much more interesting and useful. The time we lived in UK gave us not only an amazing experience of life, but also new and real friends.

Tullio and Cinzia, Italy
3 weeks, Adult summer school

We enjoy everything in a lot of subjects, especially grammar!

Yoko, Japan
1 week, Adult summer school

My teacher gived me very good advice in my life to learning English. My host family were very kind and nice to me. I had many exciting experience.

Claudia, Italy
2 weeks, Junior summer school

I’ve enjoyed very much this experience. This school is very good and funny and I’d like to come here again the next year.

Tommaso, Italy
2 weeks, Junior summer school

My host family were great. I think I will always remember them because they are so smart and nice.

Chiara, Italy
2 weeks, Junior summer school

I enjoy very much and I think to be better a little in English.

Agnese, Italy
2 weeks, Junior summer school

Very, very, very funny!








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